Jill Bingham - Author and Poet



Jessica Phillips is a sixty three year old woman, still attractive but feeling unsettled about many aspects of her life. To try to deal with her discontent she embarks on writing a novel. She has been in a relationship with her partner Michael Bowen for nearly forty years and they have one son aged twenty nine who is currently serving a prison sentence for car theft.

Jess, as she is known, manages a small office which re-locates to premises nearby. Through the office move she meets a man twenty years her junior Cuthbert Drysdale. Despite their age difference they are attracted to each other and begin an affair.

The name Drysdale is a link to her past when forty years earlier she had a passionate and from her point of view loving relationship with Adam Drysdale a very wealthy young businessman who was married with a son.

It emerges that that son is none other than her current lover, Cuthbert, who despite initial appearances to the contrary is extremely wealthy. 

Her relationship with Cuthbert’s father ended suddenly and dramatically due to his jealousy of her friendship with Michael Bowen whom she subsequently partnered.

The story travels in time between the twenty two year old Jessica and the events which shape what happens to the 63 year old Jessica.

 A Book by Jill Bingham.